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Welcome to ACT!

By Beth Hall

How do I start acting? Where can I keep my skills sharp? Where can I get training that keeps me competitive with actors in bigger markets? Where can I learn how to be in my school play?

These questions have been and continue to drive me to provide what performers need. It started out meeting needs in my home Louisville, KY but I quickly realized that those needs were not isolated to the Bluegrass state.

Basic things like competitive headshots, basic on camera skills, and training that trains actors and performers not just a stage actors were things needed to keep talent working. I am passionate about talent and believe whole heartedly that our region has the best talent we sometimes just need help packaging it.

Well Actors Center for Training has been doing that since 2012 and we have had so many talent travel from all over to take our classes, jump on Face- Time or Zoom and the success has been phenomenal! We have helped actors book series, films, commercials, musicals, and more!

In the past year we have had such a request for beginner basics and the burning question— “How do I get started?” Well- ask and you shall receive. Actors Center for training has developed our On Camera Essentials class of Teens/Adults and Youth and our Hit the Mark coursed for commercial and on-camera acting for teens/adults and youth. We are piloting our Shooting Stars class for tiny performers ages 5-9 in Louisville and hope to add the class to our other cities in 2021. These additions will help build those essential foundations as the students explores the industry to find where he or she best fits.

In addition to new classes, we are expanding to Indianapolis and Cincinnati so our students do not have to travel as far!! By expanding in these markets we can now offer the same great training and elevate the region. LA, NYC, and Atlanta will have excellent choices and our local markets will thrive! Arts elevated!

We are so excited to offer these opportunities and look forward to seeing you in class!

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