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Founded by Beth Craig Hall in 2012 in Louisville, KY when she discovered there were no industry standard on-camera acting instructors. She began her small studio and has grown to include more than on camera acting.  Actors Center for training provides training in all aspects of the industry.  From headshots to social media shots Actors Center for training can help anyone who needs to be in front of n audience-- stage to screen.

Actors Center for Training also provides public speaking coaching, interview prep, and media training. WE can also provide professional development seminars for your corporate needs. 


 At the Actors Center for Training, talent of all ages and skill levels are prepared to book on camera, audition for stage and screen, perform and apply to prestigious schools and programs. We offer in-person classes in Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Indianapolis, IN. We also have weekly virtual classes. 


We are so excited to offer these opportunities and look forward to seeing you in class! 



Sharon Ford

Sharon loves working with actors and models and loves bringing out great performances from talent she works with. Coaching and directing talent is truly a joy for Sharon, she loves to instill confidence in talent and watch talent grow from coaching. Having directed and coached talent through a variety of projects and auditions. Sharon has also enjoyed considerable success as an actor and model.  She has a BA from Northern Kentucky University in theatre, and electronic media and broadcasting.

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