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Why ACT?

The Actors Center for Training provides classes, workshops, and unique opportunities to train you to the best of your abilities. No matter your skill or experience level, ACT supports you all along the way from zero to pro.

Class Offerings


How do I start being an actor? This is it!! 

1. How the Industry Works from slate to booking
2. Audition Intensive- protocol and expectations, basic on-camera technique
3. Self-taping basics
4. Ready to Roll- A test of what you’ve learned!


Lights! Camera! Action!! This class alternates between commercial and theatrical on-camera technique.  In week one, learn the basics, and in week two, practice your skills with a mock audition.


This class is about getting actors what they need.  The class focuses on developing prep work, scene analysis & audition techniques that transfer to when you book the role. We cover on-camera and how to switch to theatre. This class gets results!


Consistent training helps you have the edge in sending your self-tapes. You start with a cold read. We tape you, give crucial feedback, and the following week you perform the scene again - this time prepared!

Class rotates every week.


AGES 5-9

How can I get my kids rolling for auditions? This class uses play as a vehicle for students to explore within boundaries,  create characters, improv, and learn the expectations of children in a theatrical or on-camera setting.  We teach the nuts and bolts and then get a little nutty!

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Cincinnati, OH

Columbus, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY


#My daughter is young and needed guidance and that is exactly what ACT has done for us. Beth Hall is amazing with children, knows the industry, and the kids have fun while learning!"

Jessica S. - Parent

Beth Hall… discovered my son, Emmett, for the commercial, film, and Television industry. With her excellent coaching, guidance, and development Emmett has landed three movie roles, a television episode, a music video lead, and two commercials. Last year, he had 11 casting director invites for nationwide searches for feature movies. Beth brings out the best in Emmett and he loves working with her. Most importantly, she believes in him and never lets anything get in the way of his interests. Highly recommended.

Leslie K. - Parent

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Are you ready for more vigorous training?


Actors Center For Training offers workshops, intensives, and additional class training at various locations throughout the year. 


Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information on our training classes or locations.


Phone: (502) 252-1535

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