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Because we are not able to meet in person with the rising numbers of COVID cases and different states’ restrictions, we are moving to virtual classes this month so our talent does not miss a beat in moving forward with their training. Don't wait because the industry isn't stopping! 


Actors Center for Training wants to MAXIMIZE your downtime by MINIMIZING excuses. We bring the training to you. Feeling a little zoomed out? Well, zoom back in because our classes are all highly interactive.

It all kicks off December 6th with the Industry Insiders workshop featuring Paul Weber, CSA and Bill Herdon, Director/Producer.

Then join us for a week of virtual training and get to know all of our ACT instructors from across the midwest. Sign up for a week-long package or choose the online classes you need to stay sharp.

ACT will be back with live classes in your city on January 4th! But until then-, do not miss these opportunities! 

Proven TRAINING = Better Auditions= Booking! 


Industry Insider Workshop • Paul Weber & Bill Herndon

Dec. 6 from 4-7pm • $78

I Want to Be an Actor • Sharon Ford

Dec. 7 & 14 from 5-7pm • $35

Scene-a-Week Audition Prep • Nicole Trembley

Dec. 8 & 15 from 5-7pm • $35

Cold Reads and Audition Prep • Ren Jackson

Dec. 9 & 16 from 5-7pm • $35

Know Your Role: Branding, Marketing & Finding your Type • Beth Hall

Dec. 10 & 17 from 6-8pm • $35

On Camera Technique • Corianna Di Julio

Dec. 11 & 18 from 4-6pm • $35

TV/Film/Commercial for KIDS

Dec. 12 & 19 from 12-2pm • $35

TV/Film/Commercial for TEENS 

Dec. 12 & 19 from 2:30-4:30pm • $35

Online Casting Sites Workshop • Beth Hall

Dec. 13 from 4-6pm • $55

Self-Tape Success Workshop • Beth Hall

Dec. 20 from 4-6pm • $55



I Want to Be an Actor! • 2 Hours
How the industry works from Slate to Booking—a perfect class for beginners! At the end of this class you will be ready for your first audition!! 

THIS CLASS COVERS - What types of jobs are available? What is an agent do I need one? What expenses are involved?  How do I audition? How do I get paid? How do I get to be in movies or TV? What will I be doing when I audition?  Parents of child actors will benefit from this class as well!! Kids and Parents are encouraged to take together at no extra charge.

On Camera Technique • 2 hours

The camera LOVES you! Many actors can act, but can they sell it in the right way TO the camera? On Camera Technique will make or break an audition. It’s all in the details and this class can help take you to the next level. This class is also perfect for beginners. 

THIS CLASS COVERS - How to play with the 4th wall, commercial technique, theatrical technique, how to handle action scenes, how to handle scenes in a car, how to handle hugging and kissing scenes. Learn the technique switch from theatre to on-camera. Learn industry jargon so you seem like a seasoned actor!

Know your Roll • 2 hours
A deep study in type and how to develop a brand. Tackle social media tips, evaluate your headshot, demo reels, resume. Discover how you can help casting see you!

Cold Reads and Scene Prep • 2 hours
This class covers how to do a cold read and how to attack a scene. You will receive a scene via email when the class begins and perform the scene. The instructor covers cold read technique then give feedback. You get to do it again! During the second hour, everyone will work from the same scene and discuss the process. You'll get tips for memorizing and how to connect to the material.


Scene-a-Week • 2 hours

Get a scene, prep it, perform it—get coached and do it again!! Performances will be recorded.  After the scene work our instructor will go over preparation tips, how to tackle a scene, how to speed up memorization. The best practice out there! This is a live class in Louisville and is one of our best classes!! 


TV/Film/Commercial for Youth and Teens • 2 hours
So many schools, camps, colleges are going to online auditions this year. This class gives an overview of the types of work young actors are asked to do, covering basic on camera audition technique. Playing to the camera is totally different from playing to a room! We cover the different types of auditions and how to make sure your audition pops and represents you well.

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